The Secret World 1.1.2 Patch Notes

Here they are in full:


Update 1.1.2 – August 15th


  • Removed the need to chew tacos – they can now be consumed in under a second. Note: We cannot be held responsible for choking or other health risks related to rapid food consumption
  • Improved the cast and cooldown times on the Faction Mark items (please note: the cooldown of Mark of the Illuminati will also be changed accordingly in the next update)
  • Using Faction Marks will not put players in combat anymore
  • Fixed an error when trying to connect to Facebook
  • Fixed an issue where some characters could not authenticate with the chat server
  • The target decal option setting will now be saved properly
  • Fixed an issue where flying NPCs would slide across the ground
  • The ingame browser will no longer crash when a download link is opened (it will rather just be ignored)


  • Polaris: The Ur-Draug will now do a line of sight check after agroing a character to make sure he can actually see that character. If not, he’ll resume patrolling
  • The Ankh: Reduced the health of Melothat by 20%
  • Hell Fallen – Nightmare: Reduced the health of the Endjineers
  • Hell Fallen – Nightmare: The Arch-Myrmidon’s Phalanx can no longer be purged, and is only removed when his soldiers are killed
  • Hell Fallen: Ascendant ninjas have gone back to ninja school and learned how to not run away
  • A new, more attractive and less cluttered buff marker for Nightmare dungeon timers has been added. This is purely visual, and doesn’t change how the system works at all
  • The Facility: Soviet laser targeting systems have been upgraded. Lasers will no longer follow you back to the Anima Well


London – Amity House

  • Virgula Divina: Fixed an issue which caused some players to be unable to move after watching a cinematic in the mission


  • The Pick-Up: One of the 3 doors will always allow the player to pass through to the other side

Blue Mountain

  • Detritus Prime: Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the mission

The Savage Coast

  • Ami Legend: The Tenebrous Brood Ravager should now always spawn during tier 2

The Shadowy Forest

  • Last Dance of the Padurii – Tier 3: Capturing Music Essence from spirits must now be done individually if players are to receive the Humming Box correctly. As such, team credit for these goals are now disabled

City of the Sun God

  • Halls of Lost Records: Resolved an issue preventing players from interacting with the nodes