SWTOR Space Combat Popularity: Some Stats

For those who play space missions in SWTOR, there was an interesting snippet of information released by BioWare in the past day.

In response to a forum thread on how many people actually play space missions, Allison Berryman responded with this:

To address the question in the title of this thread, I talked to Jonathan Crow, a Gameplay Telemetry Analyst here. The data that we have shows that nearly half of all currently active players have played at least one Space Combat Mission in the past 30 days.

So there you go – I’d expected the numbers to be a little lower than that.

Over to you: did you realise so many people played space missions? Did you actually think the stats would be higher? Let us know.


  1. I usually do the first 3 on a new character when you first get them as it gives a decent xp boost for 18ish. Then i never touch it again

  2. i think most of the people who do dailyies to earn some credit, do the daily space mission also to earn the daily + fleet comm for a 8 min run imo. This doesn’t makes space missions incredibly popular as they suggest it.

  3. Hahah My guess is that nearly half is all the IMP players using the exploit on the World Event to get all the items from the Cartel Listenign post mision

  4. Please BIOWare says

    360 degree space combat with missions, PVE, and PVP or bust.

    i want to explore space, get into massive battles with other players and play out massive planetary invasions (not unlike flashpoints)

  5. Thats only because people were exploiting the Grand Acquisitions Race by doing the space mission that gave them the quest items. Give us a number before the race started.

  6. Yeah I think the space missions were fun for like 5 days when I first started the game, now they are the dullest of the dull. And to think a umptine years old X-wing vs Tie Fighter gave me a thousand times more pleasure.

  7. @Deviouz:disqus
    yeah this is totally skewed. i am sure 90% of those 50% did the exploit run lol

  8. Bad_Momentum says

    The space missions, while initially fun are really just repetitive, dull, on rails, rubbish. I still play them. Quite regularly. But only for the XP and to break up the monotonous gameplay of kill this, go there, pick up this many, repeat


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