SWTOR 1.3.6 Patch Notes

After last night’s maintenance we have a new patch: 1.3.6. There quite a bundle of fixes in this one, which you can check out in full below. And in case you didn’t realise, the Chevin world event is now over.

Enjoy the patch notes:

1.3.6 Patch Notes



  • After a player uses the “Reset Local Phases” option, they now must wait 30 minutes to use it again, increased from the prior wait time of 2 minutes.

Companion Characters


    • Many of Xalek’s personal conversations can now be had in Cantinas as intended.

Flashpoints and Operations


    • Using combat revive abilities now consistently returns the revived player to combat if an encounter is still active.
    • Non-boss enemies no longer occasionally respawn after an Operation group has been defeated and re-enters the Operation.

Group Finder

  • Pre-made groups of four players that queue for Group Finder now correctly receive daily mission credit.
  • The “Travel Now” dialog no longer fires more frequently than intended.
  • Players now receive an error when attempting to manually add a new group member while queued in Group Finder.

Items (Items and Economy)

  • Several Imperial head slot items that were not displayed correctly on female with body type 3 have been corrected.
  • Several head slot items now have text that correctly displays in Aurebesh.
  • Many hoods that previously stretched or clipped have been corrected.
  • Players can no longer modify an item while they are looting the contents of a reverse engineered item.

Missions and NPCs


        • Trash to Treasure: Multiple OT-15 Prototypes no longer spawn at once.
        • Quesh Showdown: Master Berin Fraal can no longer be knocked into the acid pits.

Class Missions

Jedi Knight
        • Anarachy: Colonel Hareth no longer respawns after being defeated.
        • Doomsday: The map for this mission’s area no longer reverts to being unexplored as the player leaves the area.
Jedi Consular
        • Pilgrims: Master Yuon Par no longer disappears after speaking with the player’s character.
Imperial Agent
        • Darth Zhorrid Arrives: The conversation with Darth Zhorrid no longer triggers again automatically if the player uses Esc to cancel the dialogue.
        • The Master Stratagem: The conversation with Keeper no longer triggers again automatically if the player uses Esc to cancel the dialogue.
        • Climbing the Ladder: Jonas now correctly responds to player choices.
Bounty Hunter
      • Garoya be Haran: the conversation with Torian Cadera can no longer be repeated.
      • Target Rich Environment: Redivivus now correctly draws his shotgun.



    • Corrected an issue that prevented players from receiving the correct rewards when a Warzone match was completed very quickly.
    • Warzone Information is once again displayed in the Warzone interface.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Female Sith Purebloods’ fourth jewelry option now displays correctly in-game.
  • Female Sith Purebloods’ fourth hairstyle no longer clips with the character model.
  • Combat Training Targets MK-2, 3, and 4 now appear correctly on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant.