Oceanic Soap Box: Guild Wars 2 Eve

This week it’s a bit hard to ignore the huge MMO launch on our doorstep. Guild Wars 2 launches for some tomorrow afternoon, and for the rest three days after that. So let’s make that the topic for debate this week.

Will you be jumping into GW2 at launch? Will you be playing it at all and if not, why not?

For mine, I’ll be there Saturday afternoon to check things out and to start levelling but for me GW2 is going to be a casual thing. Something I jump in and enjoy once a week or so.

What about you?


  1. Not sure if I will stay with GW2 but I will be spending most of the weekend giving a good bash

  2. I will be doing something similar, I will likely log in on sunday and see if it catches me.

  3. The launch time of midnight actually ends up being 8am on Saturday morning in the UK, which is where I am during this launch.
    It’s almost perfectly scheduled for Europe, as most people are just going to get up around their usual time, and jump into the game all day.

    I’m pretty sure that everyone who pre-ordered will be spending most of the weekend in game. The people who pre-order are (like me) usually excited and really looking forward to the game.

    Hopefully the game holds up after a week or so of gameplay, as I never got above level 25 during beta weekends, so I have no idea of the other PvE content yet.