Oceanic Soap Box: Balancing MMOs

Welcome to the very first edition of Oceanic Soapbox, replacing our regular Friday SWTOR Suggestion Box. We’ll be putting forward topics that apply to any MMO gamer, so we hope you enjoy the new format.

This week I thought we’d start with the evergreen topic of playing more than one MMO. Do you do it, and if so which MMOs so you play in combination and how do you pull it off? Is it possible to be a hardcore player in more than one MMO?

Looking forward to hearing your comments!


  1. OK. I will admit it I play more than 1 mmo. I am only playing STOR Hardcore at the moment . but I still log into wow on the add occasion (well will untill my subscription runs out). my other poison is TSW, I like this game but as yet it has not grabbed me as a game I will enjoy raiding in, so its more of something I play for a hour here and an hour there.

    I will more than likely be giving GW2 a good go, but to be honest I am a bit over the fantasy mmo thing, so I have some dobts on how long I will remain an active player in that.

    How do I play more than 1 mmo, pretty easy raiding in swtor takes up 2 -3 nights a week do a couple of daily heroics and the rest of my playing time is TSW