Flash Point Podcast: We Need Your Input!

We’ve just released Episode 38 of our podcast, and with the move from TOROZ to The Oceanic Gamer we’ve been doing some soul-searching as to how we want to use the podcast medium.

Essentially we have a bunch of options that we’d like your comments on, so that we continue to grow our audience and most importantly bring you the information you’re after.

The options we’re looking at:

1. Stay the same:  a fortnightly SWTOR-focused podcast with the odd brief discussion of other games at the end

2. Expand content: a fortnightly podcast with a SWTOR segment as well as segments on other MMOs

3. Expand podcasts: keep a SWTOR-only podcast PLUS have a wider-ranging podcast on offer.

4. Something else we haven’t thought of that you suggest!

To give your input we’d love if you could spend 2 minutes filling in this survey (direct link here if survey isn’t loading for you). Please be brutally honest – it helps us improve:

Again – thanks for taking the time and we’re looking forward to keeping up the podcasting antics for a long time to come!


  1. I reckon Option #2 for now and maybe move into Option #3 later on down the track.

  2. Option 2 for me, or Option 3 unfortunatly I think some deversity would give a greater scope to the podcast. SW:Tor  news often seems a bit thin and as such needs padding

  3. Option 2 with the caveat that I don’t expect any of the co-hosts to go out of their way to play other games just to have something to talk about, if Ed only wants to talk about SWTOR then that’s fine and if David chooses to talk just about secret world then that’s fine too.