World of Tanks: A Short Review

World of Tanks is a team based, free to play on-line PvP game where players take control of mid 20th century era tanks from Germany, USA, Soviet Union, France and soon to be UK.

With over 160 armored vehicles presently in the game, players have plenty of gaming ahead of them to research and upgrade components (Engines, Guns, Turrets etc) and then move onto bigger and better tanks.

New players will recieve a small number of free Tier 1 vehicles to get them started and earning both experience which is used to research upgrades and higher tier vehicles and also credits which are used to then purchase those upgrades, buy new vehicles and rearm and repair your current vehicles.

Players also have the option to buy in-game gold credits which can be used to buy premium Tanks which earn more than the usual xp and credits and to also buy premium time on their account which increases their earned XP and credits overall.

I found this game very easy to get into however some new players may feel thrown into the deep end when starting out in the free tanks, I found myself not really holding my own until I had reached Tier 5 and found the game a lot more fun from then on in, so keep fighting!

My ping to the US server is usually around the 230 mark and I found this easy to play with and didn’t feel so lagged as to make it un-playable.

Looking at the screenshots I have taken you could be forgiven for assuming the game is more sim than shooter but you would be wrong, the controls are very easy and the gameplay will have you hooked in no time.

Players can team up with friends by making platoon’s of 2-3 people depending on your account being premium or non premium. And Wargaming have made a valiant effort in creating an on-line ever changing battlefield for clan wars to duke it out.

Being free to play you owe it to yourself to give it a try, just try not to spend as much time on it as me and get out once in a while 🙂

Happy Tanking!



  1. Unfortunatly this game is a good example of why free to play ends up expensive to play. It is a play to win with additional tanks (required to be competative) costing real money

  2. Metalwombat says

    Its not pay to win. You can buy a Tier 8 tank for $50. It isnt anymore powerful or special than any other Tier 8 out there. Some people will throw the insult of “Wallet Warrior” alot but most people who play will end up buying one to see what the fuss is about. I have Tier 8 IS3 and Lowe (which is 1 of the paid tanks) there is absolutely nothing special about it other than you cant upgrade it in any way. Love the game – it takes a lot of dedication to get to the bigger tanks but it’s a great feeling when you get there.