Flash Point 37: Laying Off The Pink Tassle Dude

It’s been a big news fortnight, so we jump in and cover the whole gamut, including some non-SWTOR gaming news at the back-end of the podcast.

Points of discussion:
– BioWare layoffs and Georg Zoeller and Rich Vogel
– HK-51 video
– Makeb – new generic,world story arc, but not class story. Do BW have the resources to pursue new, individual class arcs anymore?
– Will existing level 50’s bother with Makeb if the level cap isn’t bumped?
– Server Mergers – BW announced automatic character transfers for those who haven’t done it yet.
– Crafting housekeeping – now 1.3 is done and ‘quality of life’ is a higher priority for BW, what do you want to see? (I want to be able to collapse or hide low level recipes).
– Video for ‘Kurtob Alliance’ speeder for refering a friend (so long as they sub)
– Permanent free trial to level 15 – how good is it? will it help? (1x flashpoint, restricted to origin and homeworld, can’t trade, chat limitations)
– Heads-up on the switch to oceanicgamer.com
– Reflection on the Colorado tragedy
– Announcement of live stream and chatroom for podcast
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Google Plus page and Twitter account

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  1. I’d like to see them fix the space flight sequence of things. I mean I jump on my spaceship and it takes off. Then I’m standing at the doorway????? Who’s flying this thing? I wouldn’t trust Corso to park a shopping trolley! So I run up to the bridge and Corso is just standing there looking pretty….NOT. Even worse sometimes he’s mucking about looking for biochem regents at the crafting table!!!! So I engage hyperdrive and fly to the fleet. Then I just sit there in space doing nothing!!! Only way to get into the landing bay is to open the door. Holy cr*p batman even Corso knows not to go around opening outside doors to vacuum. Then suddenly someone (I hope its not that C2 dork) is flying MY ship again into the station!!!!!! I want to fly my OWN ship dangit!!!!