Suggestion Box: Predicting Subscriber Numbers

With winter officially hitting Oz and NZ today, it means we’re officially allowed to spend more time indoors playing SWTOR. That means there may be a bump in local subscribers numbers, although with the US and Europe hitting their summer there will be the usual seasonal drop off in playing time which could affect subscriber numbers.

So on that basis, let’s play Nostradamus. By the end of our winter on September 1st, what do you think SWTOR’s subscriber numbers will be?


  1. I’m personally finding it harder and harder to log in each day. Funnily enough, so is many of the rest of my guild.

  2. Augustine says

    I’m feeling the population will to about 800,00 – which is still a very, very good number.

    Oceanic servers feel good, and I note they register “standard” population during prime times. I’m getting WZ pop. I run as a tank, and have no issue getting groups on fleet. I’m on the PVP server – at peak periods I’m seeing 80-120 on the fleet for Republic. Imperial fleet population has seemed higher when I pop onto an alt.

    I think 1.3 needs to come sooner rather than later – the LFG would help unlock some of the amazing FPs. I really enjoy SWTOR’s normal FPs. As a tank I feel they offer a good challenge and interesting content.

    So many players have missed out on the group content, in particular the world heroics. There is incredible depth of content, but people blew past it. The LFG should help people discover how content rich it is between 10-50.

    Post 50 content is where BioWare needs to through resources. I’ve only just hit 50 and started WZs. Haven’t started HM Flash points yet, getting ready for them. But I’d love to see “Chapters” 4 and 5 for classes in the next 6-8 months.

    BW should feed this content in rather than wait for an xpac.

  3. Smokeleopard says

    I’ve parked my 50 Shadow in favor of playing some of the other class stories. I’ve never been about end game or a big teamer so as long as we maintain a ‘healthly’ sub number I’d be happy. A mil would be nice to maintain for now but long term there’s hopfully stacks of cool updates and more content as Swtor grows.
    Overall, I’m still loving the game and always looking forward to logging on (even playing two accounts similtaineously on a pc and lappy… Fun times)

  4. dftgamer says

    Well people are making their own Star Wars Galaxys servers and much I’m sure to ed’s delight it’s pre NGE so some of SWTOR’s playerbase will be pulled to this.