Suggestion Box: Funniest SWTOR Username

My wordy lordy it’s the end of another week, so it’s time to mount the soapbox and give your thoughts to the gathering throng. This week I thought it was time to discuss funny SWTOR usernames seen in-game. Now that a whole bunch of server mergers have been done and there’s on the whole larger populations online at the one time, we’re all seeing a lot of new ‘faces’.

So: what username (or even guild name) have you seen that’s given you a good laugh?

That laugh may be because the name is funny, or it may be a horrified laugh that someone could call themselves that. Post away in comments so we can all share in the mirth!


  1. Ardisfoxx says

    Some smuggler names I’ve seen: Captain Planet, Captain Mal Reynolds, Captain My-Captain

  2. Snorlax02 says

    JayChou Worldsuperstar is the only one to make me actually lol
    Daftvader was funny too

  3. I like my Commando, Dhil’doh the Destructive “Rider of the Maelstrom” 😀

  4. Augustine says

    I ran a FP with a trooper named Bruce Willis. Toon was body type 3, bald and the right face.

  5. Danielmn14 says


  6. SupergoofNZ says

    A clever legacy name I saw recently was ‘Obi Quiet’. Made me smile.

  7. Joseph Peters1 says

    I have a jedi called master baates

  8. my fav so far was Juggernaughty

  9. I’ve seen a guild called ‘I’m too old for this sith’

  10. Jizzlobber Jizzinupalliner…just horrible haha

  11. There were quite a few back at launch but the only one that I have seen lately that has made me laugh out loud is Party Time Lawnmower Accident who was in “The Fun Times Guild”.

  12. jgelling says

    Even I found myself chuckling when I saw “The Dead Server Refugees” flood Jedi Covenant.

  13. Wow there’s some damn funny stuff in there – thanks for sharing!

  14. I seen a body type 4 commando called Chewburger when Aussie servers first launched

  15. LeCasual says
  16. My friend runs two toons called MagicalTrevor and Assburger lol