Suggestion Box: Favourite Planet?

With the 1.3 update not far off, there’s a focus on new content in the game, but I thought this week we’d talk about the foundation of most gameplay in SWTOR: the planets. I’m still pretty enamoured with Voss and if I had to list a favourite, that’d be it. What I’m most interested in though is what planet you either love or hate the most. Does Taris make you want to use a cheese grater on your inner thigh? Does Corellia warm the cockles of your dystopian heart?

Jump in and give your 2 cents worth!


  1. Augustine says

    I’m going to say Voss and Corellia.

    But I also have a lot of love far Tatooine – its iconic, and I really liked the open spaces. Plus – the Jawa and Sand People questing was interesting. I felt I was really exploring the world Episode IV hinted at.

  2. dftgamer says

    Let me put it this way I let out a digitally remastered NOOOOOO after that disguised Jedi started my trooper on the bonus quest series for Tatooine, I’m on my last Alt to do that dustbowl of a planet and I’m putting it off because I just don’t want to do it again… although it could be that I have uni exams next week. I hope they take their time releasing new classes because I don’t think I could handle doing Tatooine again for a while.

  3. Most hated = Voss [Empire]
    Most awesome = Dromund Kaas, Alderaan [Empire]
    Interesting plot = Balmorra [Empire], Belsavis [Empire]
    Tolerable/neutral = Corellia [Empire]