Suggestion Box: 1.3 impressions

It’s been two and a bit days since SWTOR 1.3 Allies went live, so most of us have hopefully had an hour or twenty to check it out. Therefore, it’s  the perfect candidate for our weekly debate.

So, jump in and tell us: what do you think of 1.3 so far and do you think it’ll give some new momentum to the game outside of that initial excitement? Post away in comments!


  1. Some initial teething problems but a welcome addition for me. Dalborra had over 260 ppl on imperial fleet Wednesday night (needed 2 instances of fleet) so while that may not indicate new momentum it certainly shows a big surge in numbers from normal (120-140 ppl normally at peak).

  2. My impression of Update 1.3 is “Myaa… I’m Update 1.3, see? Myaa.”
    Pretty good, eh?

  3. The large influx of players as seen by the number of players on the fleet, certainly helps the group finder pop. I hope this population can be sustained for the future, with the help of faster patches and consistent paced content updates to maintain the momentum.