Flash Point 35: Awaiting the Fat Batmans

We’re to help digest all the news from the past fortnight. We tackle the 1.3 update dropping Tuesday, discuss server merges and nothing less than the future of the game.

Points of discussion:
– 1.3 Update hitting Tuesday
– Server transfers
– Free to play for SWTOR?
– MMO mechanics that SWTOR should copy: Tera and Day Z
– Wide-ranging ramble about SWTOR, end-content, hitting level cap
– Ceasing of Oceanic Guild listing on TOROZ
– Simon, Mark and David will be at Oz Comic Con – let us know if you’ll be there!
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, Google Plus page and Twitter account

Listen via iTunes or right here:


  1. Enjoyed the show guys

  2. Will definitely be at OZ Comic Con this weekend. Let me know where you’ll be and I can hook you up with some merch from our guild Oz Empire / Oz Republic 🙂

    • David Holloway says

      Howdy – sorry only just saw this 🙁 Would have been great to catch up!