Suggestion Box: SWTOR playing time

This week’s topic of debate is the amount of time you spend playing SWTOR. With Diablo 3 released this week, there’s a lot of people who seem to have taken a breather from SWTOR to kill their wrist clicking a mouse to move their hero round some dark dungeons and cathedrals. Once people have had their fill of that, there’s plenty of other games coming up.

So it’s over to you: compared to say 3 months ago, are you playing SWTOR as much as previously, more than previously or is it playing second fiddle to something else?

Post away in comments!


  1. Jedi_slayer5000 says

    probably equal to or more than 3 months ago

  2. Playing same now as 3 months ago. Didn’t get Diablo 3 yet. Might get it later in the year. Will see as still enjoyingSWTOR as am trying the other stories and got the missus into the game and also play we her on some of our toons.

  3.  Sadly less.  Still Like the game and I’m still subbed  – unlike a lot of guildies sadly – but it’s just not holding the same interest that it once did for me.  I love the group content, but it’s getting harder and harder to form up for much.  Roll on 1.3  🙂

  4. for me its been more since the oceanic transfers went through i’m enjoying it again… guild fell apart at the launch of oceanic servers sadly so its good to be back in game and enjoying it again

  5. Imperial:  Playing as much.  Focusing on Dailies and Hard Mode Flash Points with guild members.  There are a few hard core of us who stick with it in our guild.  There was a time when there were 20 people online in the guild, now there are barely 20 people in fleet (once Diablo launched, you felt it).  Have 2 50s (tank,healer) now testing different DPS and thinking to take a pyro powertech to 50.  There is plenty of MMO stuff to do.  The rub is they give us no incentive to be in the open worlds (which are awesome), so people just do instanced content — which makes it sad.  So just focusing on cash accretion and gear acquisition through FPs, Black Hole, and Bel Savis dailies.  Very repetitive stuff.

  6. Probably less, I used to get through an entire planet in a day or two, I’m now taking most of a week.

  7. its over says

    Think i’ve given up on swtor now for good, haven’t logged on in awhile and even when i did used to it was boring and i wondered why i even logged on. I sooo wanted this game to be good but after a while the shiny wears thin and u see the flaws. bye bye swtor

  8. same as a previous poster .. just doing all the repetitive stuff while folks try out Diablo.

    Can hardly get a HM Group on our server .. even as a tank ..  and I’m sick to the teeth of killing Torvix over … and over … and over …. ad infinitum … ad nauseum

  9. Lotharproud says

    Sadly i canceled my acct but signed up for a six month suscription. Ill check back in July and a final time in August to see if im deleting swtor. Currently enjoying my mystic in Terra online and my WD in diablo 3.

  10. Anamai Nelson says

    Goodbye ToR… You don’t deserve to be connected with Star Wars.

  11. forceslinger says

    I’m struggling to find much time for any games between work and family, but I’m still enjoying TOR. I have D3 but not feeling any pressure to play it at the moment.

  12. I’m actually playing a TON these days, much more than early days.  I’m finally getting my groove in PvP, and really looking forward to ranked matches.  But clearly, server populations across the board are dropping very, very rapidly…

  13. Khovland92 says

    I think a lot of people will come back to TOR after character transfer, LFG finder, and Ilum 2.0 (which is not in 1.3 I note). Also by Ilum 2.0 we should have more content to do. People liked the core game but it had too many gripes to stick with. Lucky for TOR, it’s gameplay resembling WoW so much isn’t a deal breaker for most (seeing how many subs it had after 2 months, and then 3 more months later).

    I’m currently subbed. Will probably unsub for a bit and come back with 1.4 or something.