Suggestion Box: Celebrating Star Wars’ 35th Birthday

In what has been a gloomy week for SWTOR, let’s try to get into a weekend frame of mind by talking milestones. In this case it’s the fact that 35 years ago on May 25th 1977, the first Star Wars film opened in US cinemas.

So, in that vein, this week’s discussion topic is the original Episode IV: A new Hope: tell us when you first saw it, where you saw it and the impact it had on you. Jump on in!


  1. davyandrews247 says

    I saw Star Wars (there was no IV: A New Hope back then) on its first day of release in the Odeon Cinema in Glasgow, Scotland. My mother took me and a couple of my friends to see it and bought us all commemorative programs which were on sale in the cinema. That program is still sitting in my mother house back in Scotland, now there’s a collectable item if ever there was one. I also remember there was a Storm Trooper wandering around in the foyer.
    I was 11 at the time and have been a sci-fi fan ever since. Going back to 1977 there was little or nothing like Star Wars at the time and it was almost like the next step after watching reruns of Star Trek for years on British TV.

  2. dftgamer says

    I was born in that void between the original release and the
    re-release of Star Wars in the 80’s so the first time I saw the trilogy was on
    VHS I don’t think we ever bought them but I’m sure we taped them a few times.
    Up until high school I would have said I liked star wars, I has a toy lightsaber
    and I thought the prequels were kind of lame, although I watched them all,  then I read the book I,Jedi and since then I
    have been a Star Wars nut. I own the original trilogy on DVD and blu ray and
    there is currently on my dining room table an open package containing a number
    of the expanded universe books written in the early 90’s that I had shipped
    from the US.