Tauntaun Fawn Pet: 10 on offer

For those unaware, BioWare were offering a nice little freebie: a Tauntan Faun Pet (as pictured).

Thanks to David Bass at BioWare we have ten codes to redeem said Faun, and all you have to do is this:


1. Post a comment below – you’ll need to have provided a valid email address (it won’t show) for us to be able to contact you.

2. The comment you need to post is: what would you name your Tauntaun Fawn and why?


1. Go to our Facebook Page

2. Post a comment on our Wall on what would you name your Tauntaun Fawn and why

We’ll use a random number generator to draw out the 10 comments that get the code.

Entries close midnight Friday 20th April at midnight AEST, so get cracking!


  1. I’d call him Smelly. In reference to the scene where they cut one open and comment on the smell inside. 

  2. ShaunyBoy says

    Nooblet, for obvious reasons 🙂

  3. Phillip Street says

    I’d go for ‘Swag’ pretty much for the same reason, you can sleep in ’em when they grow. (And it’s also pretty good swag to have :p )

  4. Fawntaun…I like a cute play on words.

  5. I’d name it Bambi coz some bastard killed its mother.

  6. Louise Lakey says

    Wampa! In memoriam. 

  7. DO want! 

    As im prob not going to get one for free as not having a current 50 ;_;

    ANd ofc, name him GIR. (Invader Zim!)


  8. Eric_aspnes says

    Arago (spot for short) – because his father is named after Poisson.  Poisson dis-proved Fresnel’s wave theory of light because Arago’s spot didn’t exist.  But Arago found it.

  9. zomg so cuuuute!! ^.^
    I’d name it Anklet! 🙂

  10. If i’d get a Tauntaun from here, i’d call it Toroz, of course…

  11. I’d name it Freakyfeets. Seriously, just look at them!

  12. Admiral Snackbar – for obvious reasons.

  13. Gizmo

  14. FaunTaun – it won’t be unique but I can’t go past the play on words

  15. Barnabie. Because its a cute name.

  16. I shall call it “The Taunraun that Han Solo Cut open to save his Friend. Luke SkyWalker”

  17. Baby Binky! Cause it looks like it would definitely squeak.

  18. I would name my Fawn Smoosh. After all, that’s what’s gunna happen the first time I try to use him as a mount.

  19. Tauntme – because I dare you to…

  20. For sure naming him David Bass, in honor of his father.

  21. I’d name mine Darth Fuzzy, cause he’s so kuwaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii! BUT STILL GOTTA BE TOUGH!

  22. I’d name mine Stephen.  Sounds like a good name for a Tauntaun.  Sturdy.  Fuzzy.

  23. Michelle Lowe says

    Gizmo – my young kittens’ name – ’cause they look surprisingly similar and both will undoubtedly follow me wherever I roam!

  24. I’d name mine ‘Bringer of Death’

  25. Maurice

  26. Arrowtotheknee…We all know why 🙂

  27. I’d call him Sticky. Cause they kinda smell bad on the outside…

  28. Wumpus. Cause that’s just how ancient I am 🙂

  29. I´ll name him Pwntaun 🙂 

  30. Blanket, because that’s his future purpose.

  31. I will call him George, I will hug him and pet him, and live of the fat of the land. 

  32. ChrisMc_AU says

    His name is “The Emperor”. Nobody has seen the Emperor for hundreds of years – when they do, they just all think he’s so damn cute and don’t take his evil machinations seriously.

  33. Barnaby – He looks like he’s trying to be taken seriously. Needs a right, proper name.

  34. Benjamin Funck says

    Cool. Would love to have one =)

  35. I’d name him Rodimus, because he shall be the chosen one to unite the tauntauns againts the evil taunicron

  36. Lucas, after the man who made it all possible 

  37. I would name him Cornelius cause he be the most bamf to walk with the Sith

  38. I would name him Fuzzbutt, because he’s fuzzy and the addition of butt would allow me to say it with either affection or contempt as necessary. 

  39. I think i will call it Gon like the dino

  40. lil taun cause hes little of course

  41. Wilbur is his name.

  42. I’d name it “Cozy” because they’re warm inside…

  43. I’d name him Salts, because his smell wakes you right up.

  44. Phoenix8387 says

    Because the Taun Fawn reminds me of a cow so much, I’d call mine Moo.

  45. Hm, i think i´d name him “Krom” because the taun looks very strong (ok maybe not) but soo cute 😀

  46. Matthew Bowerman says

    “what would you name your Tauntaun Fawn and why?”
    …Well, that’s what we were told to post!

    In answer to the question, though, he looks like a “Joey” to me.

  47. Tim Dellwo says

    I’d Name her thumper cause its so cute like the bunny from Bambi 🙂

  48. Hakrarvenz says

    “Wally” similar reason to ‘Joey’, but Wally sounds funnier to me  🙂

  49. Because I play a Jedi, he’d be my little “Padataun”

  50. I’d have to name mine Kevin, just because Kevin is a badass name for any pet, and plus, who wouldn’t want a Tauntaun called Kevin?!

  51. Chasewatters says

     I would Name it TorOZ and feature him in all my video’s 🙂

  52. Goevangelinego says

    I would name him Runt because I mean look at him, he is obviously the runt of the litter. Just the kind of tauntaun my twi’lek scoundrel would adopt!

  53. I’d call him Pwnfawn coz he owns

  54. hm.crespo says

    Id name him M-Rex M for Mini

  55. id call him havoc after a certain sqaud 🙂

  56. Zannah & Lil'Zann says

    I’d call her [cause mine would be a female] Lil’Zann because of name of my main character Zannah. Big Zannah and Lil’Zann ^^.

  57. Tawny to go with the name of my friend’s Tauntaun Fawn, Port 😀

  58. I would name mine Khaleesi because she would be a little queen in her own because she is so cute!  Plus thats my legacy on the game!  My email is Theresa.m.kassler@hotmail.com

  59. Jono Massy-Greene says

    Please… was contemplating buying one of these on eBay… And her name… (yes a her to offset my Sith Inquisitor) would be Death From Below… or DFB to her friends.

  60.  I would definitely name my Fluffy Bunny Wunny Ears. Why? Because look at those ears!

  61. Mine would be Anklebiter!

    (never seen so many comments haha)

  62. I would name my Taun Fawn, Califawnication.. In homage to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers smash hit song/album Californication.. Which happened to be playing at the time of reading the post..

  63. I’d name my taun fawn Kokojo because my name is Jo and I sang in a choir called kokopelli.

  64. I want a Tauntaun Fawn

  65.  what would you name your Tauntaun Fawn and why? I would name it Taffy, because when the Male Tauntaun comes, I going name him Salt Water. After my favorite candy.

  66. I would call my Dellenynder, specifies the name is also available in Mass Effect and I like that better than me. In addition, the fits to the wonderful little pet.

  67. Nknecrosis says

    I’d name mine Tawny because it’s a cute name for a cute pet and it just makes sense since it’s a taun fawn.

  68. Chenson20 says

    Id name mine yoggi because its the name of my puppy that is the same colar as the tuan fawn 

  69. I’d name mine Freckles. A truly fitting name with its freckled look and sooo cute!

  70. yoitsadrian says

    I’d name mine fawnton because it sounds like tauntaun and fawn mixed. Plus it also sounds like wonton and I like Chinese food.

  71. I would name mine Fawny :p souns fun!

  72. Chelsea3249 says

    I would probably name it Fawntasia because it sounds intriguing.

  73. Shadow! couse it would follow me everywhere

  74. Id name mine camo :p blending in with things

  75. wonderwall92 says

    Elixir because having a baby Taun Taun would be magical! 

  76. Jar-Jar because the head has an uncanny resemblance.

  77. I would call him Oogly. He has a big head and little arms… so ugly he’s cute.

  78. I would name my Taun Fawn ‘Talky Tauny’ — after the venerable magic cat Talky Tawny of Fawcett/DC Comics Marvel Family.

  79. Annette Smith says

    I’d call mine Anchovies, since I have characters named Pizza, Cheese and Danger with the Legacy name Supreme. 

  80. I would name her TRUST. because thats what the galaxy needs right now

  81. I would name mine Palemist, so she would be named after Laluna her new owner.

  82. MarkGarrett says

    I would name it SleepingBag, because well it will eventually become one 😉

  83. Lesleyarmstrong1 says

    I’d call mine Giggles, cos she’s cute and would make even Darth Vader feel all warm and fuzzy !

  84. Itswolfey says

    Wow nice pet, lets see if I can win one :p
    Id name my pet Rapture!

  85. I would name it Schnitzel, because that is what i’ll turn it into when I get hungry..

  86. Illiaster says

    I would name it Pavlova because it looks crunch yet soft in the inside and full of yummies. That and I’d probably eat it when starving in the Tattooine.

  87. I would call it Sleeping bag – what it could become if I get too cold on Hoth

    But really, I showed the pet to my daughter and she thought Cutie. Simple huh.

  88. I would name my Tauntaun ‘Yawn-taun’, ‘cos he’s so powerful that nothing in The Old Republic interests him much.

  89. I would name my Taun Fawn Fluffy cause they are just so adorable

  90. tele2musica says

    I would name it the moaningduckling. It’s constantly moans for no apparent reason and it looks like an ugly duckling. random shot!

  91. Id call mine Gizmo cos they remind me of gremlins =D

  92. Yeah so many people willing to post for a free pet, but never to help invoke discourse 0.o

  93. Hope: very beatiful word and because i hope will take a code 🙂

  94.  I would name it Cookie,because i love cookies and the color look like a yummy cookie.have a nice day

  95. Lestat1985 says

    My daughters thought it would be cute to name it Fawnfawn, a play off of Tuantuan!

  96. Chem_toy00 says

    Willie Wompa, Because he is from the taun-taun factory. (seeing how there are 10 of em.)

  97. Caerbannog, Because it has tiny sharp pointy teeth.

  98. I would name it Miyagi! Because it kind of looks like my cat, Mrs. Miyagi…

    Lebock028@gmail.com  😛

  99. Tea of Keetael says

    I would name my tauntaun fawn Tyrion Dinklage, as a homage to my favorite actor/character on Game of Thrones 😀

  100. I woujld name my tauntaun Sir Tauarrus Rex

  101. Mine would be Summer! It’s the name of my puppy and I like the irony with the pet!

  102. I’d name mine Em-Baras-ment.
    Vette would love that.

  103. Fearlesskitty says

    I would name it Tawny! cause its a Tauntaun Fawn and whats better than combining the names? xD

    email is fearlesskitty@gmail.com ^^

  104. I would call him Killer! caus it makes me smile

  105. Jedi_slayer5000 says

    I would name him FrostBite in honor of my first pet in SWG who was also a tauntaun, when i became hardcore bm i stuffed him because his stats were sub par so he lived in my house until the servers went down lol.

    email is jedi_slayer5000@hotmail.com

  106. I would name the Tauntaun, Juju after my Yorkie…

  107. I would Name it Hobbes (because I love Calvin&Hobbes & Hobbes is the perfect pet)

  108. I would name he/she Mells, for Smells

  109. what would you name your Tauntaun Fawn and why?  Spike, because they look like gremlins.

  110. I would name mine Squish. (Cookie for anyone who gets the reference.)

  111. Sirak Kvar'lek says

    I would name my Taun Faun Mr. T cause I “pity da foo” who don’t get a Taun Faun!

  112. I would name him Melchizedek and he would be my king

  113. Eslathagos says

    Love Tauntauns! Would call it Scaliwag for a pirate themed gift

  114. Dennis Conrad says

    I’m gonna call him Furrball.  And I’m gonna hug him and kiss him and love him forever and never use him up!

  115. I’d name it Kicked, so I have something to do whenever we wipe.

  116. I would name him T, Cause that is also the shape of his head!

  117. Lawrence A says

     I would Name him HAAKU which would be an Acronym for “Haul Ass And Keep Up.” 

  118. I would name her Dawn, not only because it’s the perfect rhyme for a Tauntaun Faun but also because it would brighten up all of my days.

  119. Wampa Bait

  120. Adam Jones says

    I want a taun taun to keep rakkie company, I would call him Baldrick

  121. I would name it Taun Fawn because I am very boring haha 8)

  122. Adam_louis says

    I would name him Taun Faun Mon!  (said like bob marley)

  123. BlaznPhoenix says

    I would named it BaBac.  That’s a cute name for a tauntaun

  124. David Dow says

    I would name it Mith’Fawn’Uodo because it plots to take over the galaxy.
    Email is apocalypsedan1@gmail.com

  125. Noah Given says

    I would name my tauntaun Lafawnda just because its a fawn


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