Suggestion Box: SWTOR Easter Eggs!

For a lot of us it’s time for a four-day weekend, likely to be filled with the odd few minutes of SWTOR. If you can drag yourself away from eating chocolate and/or playing the game, we’d love to hear about your ‘easter eggs’. Not the round chocolate variety but those unexpected little gameplay treasures you’ve stumbled across in SWTOR.

It might be a glitch, a Star Wars in-joke or a particularly striking piece of scenery: what easter eggs have you found in-game that have made you smile?


  1. Raymond McNeill says

    Very few found for me, I know from other posts people have made, what there are is very subtle indeed.  The first thing that made me laugh in game (that wasn’t quest related) was the punters on Nar Shadaa being distracted by the dancing girls and getting thier pockets picked, really added to the seedy atmosphere of the area.