Fleet Pass: SWTOR weekly roundup

Fleet Pass is a weekly review of the SWTOR community, a small and non-comprehensive collection of the funny, the insightful, the controversial and any other interesting picks found anywhere but generally in the SWTOR Forums.  Have a suggestion?  Send it in to us with a source link if available, and the name you’d like to be credited with.

Warning:  Article may or may not contain spoilers relating to SWTOR, or any of its variants.



Almar – General Discussion

Rakghoul World Event
So currently at the minute there is a world event that just started in swtor involving Tatooine and Rakghouls. There are a bunch of dailies that start in the Dune Sea and continue to the southeastern portion of Tatooine and we will see where else they go after that. So far it seems like the main reward is Orange gear that looks pretty and other things but I am sure there is much more. I will post a guide on all this stuff later but right now I am still working on figuring things out (Torhead doesn’t even have any updates yet).

It appears that the main currency for these dailies is Rakghoul DNA Samples. It says on the item “This Rakghoul DNa sample would probably be valuable on the open market, if you can find a buyer somewhere on Tatooine.” So far I have heard the vendor is in Anchorhead but I can’t confirm as I am still working on the Outbreak daily which had me collect Infected Wrappings, find the escape pod and now recover Samples from Infected Livestock.


Ancen – PvP

Warzone comms are too high now for losing
Where’s the reward for winning, now? You get 80-90 comms for a loss with proper medals, and 120-130 for a win… may as well not really care about the objectives again anymore ? I liked that 1.2 originally was making people TRY to play better because they got little reward otherwise. Back to no-skill headless-chicken circles now if I’m not in a preformed group at any given time.


Darth_Vampirius – PvP

Don’t penalize quitters…
I’m serious. The community needs to move away from the idea that quitting should be penalized. Instead, BW needs to incentiv-ize staying to the end of a match. I propose that for every 3 matches you finish, you get a bonus reward instead… a boost to comms and valor. Reward the behaviors you want to see in the game, and watch how fast things change.


Cassynova – Story & Lore

When you make darkside choices for a character, like the major ones of killing a good npc and such, do you feel bad about it any?

Do you feel gleeful, detatched, or what?



IAmYourGod – Story & Lore

Where is Lord Vader?
I’ve been searching all over the galaxy, but i just can’t find him!


((This whole thread is a mine of hilarity))



TheColtCrazy – Fan Art

Well since I had finished all my homework tonight, I made this in a little less that one hour. I didn’t really try my best, I just wanted to get this done as a piece leading up to my next work.

This is more of a preview of my next work. I’m going to make a montage for this game. However, you see, I’m only level 23. I can’t record any of my own footage dominating PVP. I need some players above level 30 who can really go berserk in PVP to record some footage for me to edit into this montage. So if you can, please send me a message if you’re up for it

Song: Requiem for a Dream – composed by Clint Marshall/Hanz Zimmer


Ixum – Fan Art

As we all know male characters have no skimpy/sexy gear showing skin like the females do so I played around a bit in Photoshop skimpyfying various chest pieces etc. Enjoy


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