Diplomatic Investigations: 1.2 Update Favourites

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This is my third straight article about the Sith Assassin/Patch 1.2 and will be the last time I play on the public test server with patch 1.2 because it’s now live.  Well, the last time on the PTS for this patch – I’ll certainly be back for the next major release to check out what is new.

My Sith Assassin moved up to level 31 and just finished Chapter 1, which will apparently earn me two titles (one for reaching level ten on the test server, the other for finishing Chapter 1 also on the public test server).  Apparently these titles transfer over once patch 1.2 goes live.

It seems a lot of people were playing on the public test server just for the titles.  In actual fact I saw a player running around with a guild name of “Just Here For The Titles” !

As a writer for TOROZ I was lucky enough for SWTOR to copy one of my characters over to the public test server (meaning I got to play a clone of my level 41 Sith sorcerer immediately on the public test server). As it turned out, before that happened I was leveling my Sith Assassin and was enjoying it so much I continued playing that instead.  I did however setup the legacy for my copied character and had a play with the legacy system which looks pretty neat. My previous legacy name and experience did not copy over though, meaning I effectively started from zero on the test server. It’s a pity in a way, because I had a number of characters already leveled and of course there are now real and substantial benefits of that legacy experience.

Two benefits that I will find useful once I obtain them are a mailbox in my ship (yay!) and a Global Trade Network (GTN) in my ship as well.  Very handy.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve quick traveled to a location to resume where I left off and remembered I was going to list some items on the GTN.  Yes I know, I should be using an alt character and emailing the item to list on the GTN to them. I’d much rather have these items in my ship to do it there and then.

Being able to craft your own legacy weapon is nice as well.  But my favorite feature is a relatively simple one: the Sprint ability being available at Level 1.  Not to be confused with Force Speed which increases your movement speed by 150% for 2 seconds (without breaking stealth). Sprint, of course gave you an increase in movement speed by 35% while not in combat. Yes this is my favorite feature of patch 1.2.-  I personally find it infuriating to have to walk everywhere. I mean, I am Sith, I am a ruthless killing machine, I have a light saber and can generate lightning from my hands, but I have to walk everywhere? Whats the deal with that?

Such a simple change made a better experience in levelling for me.  Obviously it was 35% quicker to get to my destinations, something that is of particular importance in those early levels for experienced SWTOR players leveling up new characters.   I think those new to the game who start playing with Patch 1.2 will have no idea how spoiled they are. Let’s face it, the first time you play SWTOR you are probably taking it all in and having to walk everywhere is not that much of a pain, because by the time you start to think it’s a bit slow you gain the ability anyway.  Now it’s there from level 1.

Have you tried out the patch 1.2 yet and if so, what are your favorite features? Which is the feature you like most?

Guild banks?

Legacy weapons?

The new Operation and Flashpoint?

Combat log?  (I haven’t even looked at mine yet).

User Interface customisations (this one rocks).

The new Warzone maybe?

Something else?

Would love to hear from you, drop me a comment below.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Darren Stalder says

    Oddly enough, one of the handiest things for me in 1.2 is having the companion gifts be stackable.  They were taking a bank tab on each of my alts.  Now they’re taking half a tab on one of my alts.  Joyous Day…

  2. Combat log for sure. Will answer a lot of questions for me, as a raid leader. As well as guild banks and the UI (specifically target of target).

    I think marauders/sentinels were fine pre 1.2, no idea why they were changed. Losing WZs nets less comms, I’m cool with that. Bit sick of all the attitude being sent BWs way in regards to that though. You lose 18 WZs and you still get a piece of Battlemaster.