Bioware Reveal More on Novare Coast Warzone

BioWare have released a teaser video for the upcoming Warzone, Novare Coast, which is part of the imminent 1.2 update.

It certainly has some of the flavour of the Alderaan Warzone, with a twist. Have a look for yourself:

So what do you think? Is Novare Coast a worthy addition to the SWTOR PvP stable?


  1. Instead of releasing a new teaser video how about they release the damn 1.2 patch! Sheesh….  I am getting so sick of hearing about all these new wonderful features and my patience is quickly running out. Sure, I could download the client and play with the stuff on the PTS but I can’t be asked with no character copy facility.
    No patch on Tuesday and no guarantees its it’ll be the week after that and no more info on Character Transfers for the Asia/Pacific players. If I don’t start seeing something happening soon I’m not going to stick around much longer. Bioware/EA you’re on NOTICE!


  1. […] well let me tell you. Bioware released 4 hours worth of guild summit videos and also unleashed the new PVP video on the world. These, combined with a focus on patch 1.2 left me wondering, not much post-1.2 info has been […]