What to do while the servers are down: 13th March 2012

Eight hours is a long-time. It’s a work-day’s length of time without the game we obsess about here daily. We can’t totally take the pain away for you, but we CAN give you plenty of SWTOR-related reading and listening to do. Hell, you can even win a t-shirt!

So here’s some happy happy fun to engage in while the servers are down.

1. Listen to Episode 28 of our podcast, which gets deep into detail on new stuff coming up in the game in 1.2 and beyond.

2. Fill out our reader’s survey and go into the draw for a TOROZ t-shirt. There’s only 2 or 3 people in the world walking around wearing them, so imagine how unique you’ll be!

3. Welcome our newest writer Kate by reading her Cunning Ambitions column, which is dedicated to everything Agent and Smuggler.

4. Rick has a great piece on preparing your guild for Operations

5. Tim has an excellent post on attack rotations for Level 1-25 Jedi Consulars/Sages

6. Have one of the best SWTOR-related laughs you’ll have in a long time.

Then go get something to eat or get some sleep!