SWTOR Patch 1.2: Legacy – trailer released

As promised by BioWare as part of their Guild Summit agenda, details of the upcoming 1.2 update have been released. First and foremost is the 1.2 trailer, which you can watch right now:

So as you’ve seen the key goodies from the trailer are:

1. The game update is titled ‘Legacy’
2. There’s a new Warzone called Novare Coast
3. A new Operation called Explosive Conflict
4. A new Flashpoint called The Lost Island
5. The expanded legacy system
6. UI customisation
7. Improved character textures and appearance customisation
8. Warzone rankings
9. New Corellia daily missions
10. New Mini Pets
11. Guild bank implementation
12. Lots of new gear / emotes / vehicles etc

So – do you like what you see?


  1. Kate DiBella says

    Can’t wait!  The Legacy family tree looks intriguing…I might have to rethink which characters go on which servers, now.  I wonder how many races are going to be legacy inheritable, too — I know everyone wants a Pureblood-Sith Jedi, but there are other combinations that could be very cool.

  2. Wow that looks very cool. I’m looking forward to Legacy and the appearance customisation.

  3. I want all the things!