SWTOR Guild Summit: Guild Features

Guild features with Damion Schubert:

The details disclosed:

– Guilds extremely important to BioWare
– Guild leader is a hard and thankless job that keeps people invested in the game
– Guild UI could use more features
– Guild banks in 1.2
– Up to 7 tabs can be bought
– Detailed control for guild leaders for every tab
Can set some tabs to require authenticators reducing chances of a guild being screwed over
– guild ledger that filters out the repair transactions
– guild log with everything including hyperlink to item added or removed
after 1.2: guild calendar, share events with non-guildies, drop a guild emblem onto armour, in-game guild advertising, guild progression is in the works (no timeline), guild capital ship design exists (but no timeline)


– Guild mail: trying to implement something but has big back-in implications as far as storage, no ETA
– Guild interface improvements: will be able to invite people to a group from guild list, will be able to mouse-scroll down guild roster
– Checking crafting skills on guild roster: coming sometime after 1.2 but soonish
– Taxation system: just trying to figure out a way to do it now – no ETA
– Guild approval system from pre-launch being implemented (i.e. you don’t have to be online for GM to approve your membership): “maybe”
– Guild repairs and respecting from guild bank will subtract from allowance