SWTOR Game Update 1.2 Patch Notes: Items and Economy

Into the nitty grittys of items and the SWTOR economy:

Items and Economy


  • Loot drops from endgame activities, such as Operations and Flashpoints, now take group composition into account.
  • The variety of stats and modifications for new endgame items is substantially higher compared to that of older endgame items.
  • Orobird eggs of different types may now be poached in several locations. Those who can find means of incubation may find themselves in possession of loyal vanity pet soon.
  • Tauntaun vanity pets can now be acquired on the planet Hoth, though the exact means of acquisition are a mystery.
  • Several unusual crystal formations have been reported in the mountainous regions of Alderaan.
  • The cost of several relics has been reduced.
  • Several relics that were previously bound on pickup are now bind on equip.
  • The required level of several relics has been reduced by 1.
  • Items that are restricted by Valor or Social Rank can no longer be purchased until the player meets the rank requirements.
  • Offhand weapons are now more clearly marked as such.
  • Some pieces of gear that displayed incorrectly on character models have been adjusted.
  • The Collector’s Edition Training Droid can now be used on non-humanoid enemies.
  • The required level for equipping the Imperial Trooper and Republic Officer outfits has been reduced.
  • The Male Formal Suit can now be purchased from the Coruscant social vendor. The Female Elegant Dress can now be purchased from the Dromund Kaas social vendor.
  • Sniper Rifles no longer drop for Republic players.
  • Corrected some instances where two items could show the same Armor or Weapon Damage Rating but have different values. The values are unchanged – the ratings have been updated to reflect the correct values.
  • An issue that caused some items to be unlinkable in chat has been addressed.
  • The modified DTB-27 Bolt Pistol is now displayed as a Custom (orange) weapon. The properties of the item remain unchanged.
  • The “Punisher” item no longer has incorrect stats on its Republic version.
  • The cost of Tionese gear (in crystals and commendations) has been substantially reduced.
  • A set of modifiable Techblades and Techstaffs has been added to the game.
  • The Galactic Trade Network’s commission for both neutral and faction-based terminals is now 6%.


  • Players can now remove Armoring modifications from items with set bonuses and transfer those set bonuses to Custom (orange) items. These modifications can only be transferred to an item that is equipped in the same slot.
  • Some high-end item modifications are now restricted to particular item slots and may only be transferred into the same slot on a new item.
  • A new modification set with Expertise for all item modification types has been added to the game.
  • High-end weapons found on Operation bosses now come equipped with more common color crystals. The special color crystals associated with high-end Operations are now separate drops.
  • High-end PvP weapons now come equipped with more common color crystals by default. Color crystals associated with specific PvP tiers can now be purchased separately from the PvP vendor.
  • Players with the “Razer” Green-Black color crystal may upgrade to a high-end version of this crystal via a vendor on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas.


  • New achievement missions that grant the Aratech Ice, Coral, Nightscythe, and Fire are now available on the Fleets.
  • The Korrealis Commander and Korrealis Baron landspeeders have been removed from vendors.
  • The Tirsa Prime speeder has had its cost reduced and is now available from the VIP vendor.
  • License costs for Vehicle Piloting rank 1, 2, and 3 have been reduced.
  • While credit costs for all 110% speed vehicles have been increased, the overall total acquisition cost for speeder licenses and vehicles at level 50 has been slightly reduced.
  • All vehicles that are not bound can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Summoning a vehicle no longer benefits from Alacrity.
  • The Aratech Dagger and Aratech Scythe vehicle items now grant the appropriate vehicle abilities upon use.
  • The Longspur Recon vehicle is now an Artifact-quality item.


  • A Crew Skills trade vendor is now ready for business in the Corellia Spaceport.
  • New items purchasable with Black Hole Commendations have been added to Corellia.
  • The PvP items vendor now sells Baradium Flux, a grade 7 PvP crafting material used in the construction of Blue, Cyan, Purple, and Yellow Expertise color crystals.
  • The PvP items vendor now sells a grade 6 crafting PvP box that randomly rewards crafting materials as well as Mission Discoveries and Expertise color crystal schematics.
  • The Fleet commendation vendor now sells grade 6, 7, and 8 crafting material boxes that randomly reward crafting materials.
  • Vendors that sell items for Marauders and Sentinels have been added to the Fleets.
  • The Imperial Cantina vendors on Hoth now sell similar food items to their Republic counterparts.
  • PvP vendors no longer sell Champion Bags.
  • PvP vendors now sell the Recruit set, a new entry-level PvP set (for level 50 players), for credits.
  • Battlemaster PvP vendors now sell Battlemaster gear pieces for Warzone Commendations.
  • The Valor Rank requirement has been removed from Battlemaster earpieces and implants.
  • New War Hero PvP vendors can be found on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. They sell the new War Hero and Rated War Hero PvP sets for Ranked Warzone Commendations and the equivalent Battlemaster piece.
  • New Campaign vendors can be found on the Fleets. They sell Campaign gear for commendations earned in the new Operation: Explosive Conflict.


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