Suggestion Box: 1.2 Class Changes

It’s time for our weekly issue of contention. As always, we love it when you jump in and make some passionate points. This week, let’s talk about the imminent 1.2 update.

More specifically, the class changes: have any of the class changes made you more or less likely to get immersed in that class? Whether it’s your primary toon or a neglected alt – do the upcoming changes impact how you perceive that class in-game?

Fire away!


  1. Bounty Hunter Mercenary here. What many call a ‘nerf’ for mercenary dps is just an attempt to get people to stop tracer missile spamming. Tracer missile spam was already not the most optimal dps for pve content, so anyone who already made use of barrage, heatseaking missiles, and rail shot with stacked debuffs won’t be effected!

  2. Antilogical says

    Operative gap closer