Sith Sunday: SWTOR in the News

Welcome to Sith Sunday, our semi-regular roundup of SWTOR’s appearance in the mainstream news!

It’s been quite a while since the last news roundup, and with the local launch there’s no shortage of new stuff being written about SWTOR, so let’s jump in:

1. Like from Australian Gamer has an interview with Gabe Amatangelo from his visit 10 days ago. (You can check out or own interview with Gabe here)

2. Julien at Capsule Computers covers off on the ‘refer-a-friend’ trial BioWare is now offering.

3. Paul at The Vine has a nice overview piece on SWTOR now it’s available locally, and gives it the big thumbs up.

4. This one dates to late February, but John at Atomic PC has a review of SWTOR and gives it 88% overall.

5. PC Gamer has a nice story on the logistics in the lead up to SWTOR’s (US/Europe) launch.

6. On the pre-launch stresses, Escapist Magazine also has a good piece that looks at it a little differently.

There we go for this week – post any cool articles you’ve come across in comments!