Free weekend play for new SWTOR players

Overnight BioWare announced the availability of a ‘Weekend Pass‘.

For anyone who hasn’t had a SWTOR account previously can sign up for one from the 15th March (see our time conversions below) and play the starting areas of the game, do some PvP and check out some of the early level Flashpoints.

So – if you know someone that’s been ambivalent about forking out for the game, here’s a chance for the to do it for nothing.

Oceanic time conversions for the Weekend Pass:

AEDT: 4pm Thursday 15th March through to 6pm on Monday 19th March
AWST: 1pm Thursday 15th March through to 3pm on Monday 19th March
NZDT: 6pm Thursday 15th March through to 8pm on Monday 19th March

Over to you: will you be trying to get someone near and dear to have a go at SWTOR?


  1. Hopefully they will get the patch upload errors first before anyone tries this and gets turned away before they even start.

  2. Well I tried to have a go – but despite many attempts couldn’t even make an account. Kept getting some weird email authorisation issue. I put it down to too many people trying to get on at once. Will have another try tomorrow.