Communication between factions on the horizon

Georg Zoeller has posted a short but very interesting comment in a discussion on inter-factional emails. He alludes to the fact that BioWare are working on lifting the current restriction within SWTOR.

That opens up a bunch of interesting debates and the thread shows off some of them. There are those who say inter-faction communication goes pretty much against Star Wars lore.

Others see it as a great opportunity to increase trade.

I’m not usually a purist by any means in regards to lore, and I’m always up for any game functionality that makes it easier to play, but for some reason I support the idea of keeping the factions separated.

How do you see it?


  1. I think it should be locked down to classes, like for example, a Smuggler would definitely be interested in trading with the Empire, while a Jedi Knight would not.
    Also, /s shouldn’t be restricted as it makes no sense lore-wise.

    • Well, what might be cool is to implement some loss of faction with the Republic, if you’re say.. caught trading with Imperials. 😉  

    • what about a pure darkside jedi? they may like talking to some imps 🙂

  2. “There are those who say inter-faction communication goes pretty much against Star Wars lore.”
    Since when couldn’t Jedi and Sith not talk to each other? It would have made for pretty weird movies.

  3. Not really fussed with inter communications to other people but I think they should allow comms between your own toons on the different sides.

    Argument being what if you wanted to have all the crafting factions? They would have to be spread out over the 2 sides and this would allow you to just help yourself out with gearing and missions.

  4.  Well there is the trade skill underworld trading, I say that as well as the fringe classes, Bounty Hunter and Smuggler, should have access to inter faction comunication.

  5. Athon Wilden says

    I think it could be made, but with some restrictions.
    Smuggler and bounty hunter trading is totallty fine.
    A Jedi should lose light side points when negociating with the empire, or something like that. I like the idea of a dark jedi, though, but there must be consequences.

  6. Rice_racer69 says

    how about only being able to communicate cross faction on planets not controlled by either faction, like the planets controlled by the hutt’s. i think this would be the best idea