Kevin Rudd’s new hobby: SWTOR

Now that Australia’s former Prime Minister has some more time on his hands, it’s become obvious what he’s doing:

It’s proof that a lot of people were waiting for local servers before committing to the game 😉


  1. Had a little cuckle when I saw that last night night, Imperial side, PVP server.
    The smile didn’t last long, must say I was disgusted by the general imp chat, rude, racist and plain pathetic. Ended up with more people on ignore than I have in all my gaming years.Re-rolled on Republic side after a couple hours.

    • Republic chat wasn’t any better.

      •  Yeah, I noticed the Republic General chat was pretty inane. To be honest though, I’ve just been ignoring it as I’ve been too busy levelling as this is my first toon in game. 🙂

  2. I doubt all servers are like this Hae, but it’s something I’ve seen on a couple of servers now when I’ve rolled Imps, I just play Republic, they are out numbered on just about all servers and the player base seems more mature.  Great to see Kev is playing though!

  3. ChrisMc_AU says

    I’ve never rolled on an RP server, but I did get sick of the kiddies on PVE General Chat and gave it a go. Less people talking rubbish, community seems to have a lower tolerance for griefing tools, but not sure I want to speak “in character”. Going to level a toon there until I can bring my other toons over to PVE server, then I’ll just play PVE on school nights.

    I used to think all the obnoxious Keyboard Warriors were American…