SWTOR Game Time Cards in Australia

This probably isn’t news to some but we still see people ask regularly where to buy game time cards locally. Today I wandered into an EB Games store and spied some of the blighters in the wild:

(Click here for the full-size version)

$30 for 60-days is certainly within the expected price range, and if EB Games have them, then I expect other retailers do too, so post away in comments if you’ve spotted any!


  1. Guest of the Old Republic says:

    Hey its news to me, and good news at that.  I prefer the cards over self paid methods and am hanging so bad for the game!!

  2. Elcarim - Swiftsure Republic says:

    Bought one today from EB games – Gold Coast (QLD). Seemed to have plenty of stock.

  3. Hopefully we’ll get details on the Aussie release date soon.

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