SWTOR Game Time Cards in Australia

This probably isn’t news to some but we still see people ask regularly where to buy game time cards locally. Today I wandered into an EB Games store and spied some of the blighters in the wild:

(Click here for the full-size version)

$30 for 60-days is certainly within the expected price range, and if EB Games have them, then I expect other retailers do too, so post away in comments if you’ve spotted any!


  1. Guest of the Old Republic says

    Hey its news to me, and good news at that.  I prefer the cards over self paid methods and am hanging so bad for the game!!

  2. Elcarim - Swiftsure Republic says

    Bought one today from EB games – Gold Coast (QLD). Seemed to have plenty of stock.

  3. Hopefully we’ll get details on the Aussie release date soon.