SWTOR coming for Mac: coming ‘soon’

Joystiq have a quick snippet of a quote from Bioware’s co-founders on the issue of playing SWTOR on a Mac.

Ray Muzyka:

We’ve done a lot of Mac ports before of our games. We haven’t announced any details yet for The Old Republic, but we know that’s an important and large audience.

Greg Zeschuk:

That’s definitely one of the things we’re looking at next. We want to get this launch under our belt and everything stabilized and happy, and then we’ll look at other platforms, and that’s obviously one of the first ones

There’s not a lot of concrete stuff in there but it’s a hell of a step forward from Bioware’s position to date and will bring some joy to those not willing to run the game on a Boot Camp partition (which for the record works beautifully for me).

Over to you: looking forward to a Mac port of the game?

Thanks to Gail for the heads-up!


  1. Great to see! I have a soft spot for the Mac OS.

  2. Hmm, I’d be gutted now that I’ve paid for windows and swtor just to play it on my mac. I’d have waited knowing this.

    • Bspoelstra says

      you pay for the account not the game itself you will be able to download the client on Mac OS X if it becomes available and then log with your account

  3. Daggerfall says

    Wonderful! I hope i can somehow keep my collectors edition item from my windows platform copy.

  4. Thanks for this. Using Boot Camp, currently running on 27″ iMac (late 2009) w/ duo core and updated ATI graphics card they had available at the time. Have to run everything on “low” for max frame rates. Any ideas on updating hardware if that’s possible? 30fps on low depresses me.

  5. Dan Hegelund says

    “Looking forward?” That’s the understatement of the year…. I am overly über super giga whatnot excited about this news 🙂

  6. If they can release a Mac client before I get my new iMac and allow me to play natively (Currently not playing at all.) that would be FAN-tastic!

  7. Natasha Brodsky says

    I sure would like to play with my friends!  *hint, hint*  I’m NOT putting Windows on my Mac again after the last issues, but I’m one of the MANY patiently waiting for a Mac release of SWTOR.  

  8. just release it for the mac already boot camp is crap 

  9. Can we get projected date for this mac release?

  10. Ok I would play TOR finally if it comes to mac easier, I would probably erase my partition in Bootcamp.