Sith Sunday: SWTOR in the News

Welcome to Sith Sunday, a roundup of SWTOR in the news. On a Sunday, we’ll be regularly bringing you the best from the web covering our favourite MMO. As always, if there’s an article you’ve found that you’d like to share, post it in comments. Here we go:

1. Massively: SWTOR is in the Guinness Book of Records for it’s more than 200,000 lines of recorded dialogue.

2. Leo over at Mos Eisley Radio is very disappointed with the Collector’s Edition.

3. Anthony at TORWars has an early review of SWTOR’s end-game content, which he currently gives a 6/10 rating for.

4. IGN have a very detailed review of SWTOR after playing for 160+ hours and have given it the big thumbs up with a 9/10 rating.

5. Sex in SWTOR: some people are obsessed with it based on the number of people who find TOROZ Googling ‘SWTOR Sex’, so for you we have this Youtube video, Romance and Love Making as a Male Jedi Consular:

See you next week!


  1. How about the credit/stack exploit where people farmed up to 120 million credits an hour, virtually destroying TOR’s economy forever.