Quick patch incoming plus extended maintenance on the 31st January

If you’ve played SWTOR over the past week you’ve probably heard some murmurs of discontent around the game’s performance, if not experiencing it yourself. Actually murmurs have been shouts in some quarters and there’s not doubt BioWare is listening as they’re bringing down the servers sometime Saturday night Australian / New Zealand time – once we have a confirmation of an exact time we’ll post it.

Additionally, there’s an extended weekly maintenance of eight hours or so:

Scheduled Maintenance

Date: Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


All game servers and swtor.com will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to take no more than eight hours.

So that’s:

– 7pm on Tuesday 31st until 3am Wednesday 1st Feb AEDT
– 4pm to midnight AWST
– 9pm to 5am NZDT

So tonight don’t plan on any extended playing time in SWTOR and Tuesday is out too. Never fear though, we’ll have plenty of SWTOR info for your to trawl through, including a brand new podcast being recorded Sunday night.


  1. this is getting to be ridiculous with the amount of downtime, its freakin saturday night …  r u serious !

  2. Pissed off says

    Down time on a Saturday. To be fair I’d only accept this if thier servers caught on fire. What the hell are they thinking. I don’t even see anything vitally critical in thier patch notes that couldn’t last 3 more days untill thier extended maintainece of Tues. Cutting into a weekend is just nuts.
    Americans may have if fine, but there are likely just as many(if not more) non americans playing this game thoughout the world where its not 3 in the morning right now. Here its 10pm.    DERP

  3. Whilst it is annoying to have these short unexpected maintenance(s?), the developer deems it necessary to the game so we should trust that they’re doing what is correct.

    • Roonerspism says

      I would like to be able to agree with you, but their performance thus far has not earned them that degree of trust.

  4. lets get this right for GMT players it will be pretty much the whole “daytime” of saturday? What a joke!

  5. Yep currently getting 2 – 3 patch a week plus Tuesday shutdown maintenance.

    And they have broken the servers now.  there is a dev post saying that the server are not coming back at 6am cst and there is no estimated time.  Cant wait to see the us people start screming on the forums.

    The other thing that really gets me smoking is there locking the forums down while there running the planned but not announced to anybody patchs.  It’s like oh shit we need to run a emergency patch after a hot patch went wrong.  We have to take the servers down – we better web site personal to lock down the forums.

  6. Moshimoshi1969 says

    its back on 😀

  7. Thanks for going to the trouble of converting all the times for us. Cheers!