Flash Point 24: Rise of the Schlongs

A historic episode personnel-wise, with our first four-way podcast as Simon Potter becomes one of the regular panel – welcome Simon! Rise of the Rakghouls is the focus but there’s lots more than that dissected.

Points of discussion:
– Patch 1.1 update and class changes
– Slicing changes
– End-game gear customisation
– EB Games stocking SWTOR locally in Australia
– Anti-aliasing improvements and pretty places in SWTOR
– Collector’s Edition digital content
– Different terms for the penis (yes, seriously) – and here’s the link to the Bloodhound Gang song mentioned (warning: contains gratuitous shots of bikini glad women)
Movie recommendation and Stan Lee’s appearance Down Under
– Two upcoming special guests
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, Google Plus page and Twitter account

Also after the show is Episode 2 of Star Wars Addicts Anonymous, Ed and his flatmate Collyn’s laid back look at everything SWTOR.

Listen via iTunes or right here:


  1. I look forward to these every fortnight. Love the poscast and the site.

  2. The GCD is just standard. If SWTOR was a single player game I’d understand you’re concerns but there’s this little thing called latency that you may have heard of which is why it is in place

  3. rpgbeatsrl says

    Just an couple of thoughts on the Global Cool Down (GCD). As mentioned by Mikeyman3, GCD does avoid latency issues by adding a 1.5 sec pause. The latency bogeyman is also why you can’t queue attacks. Although some say you can speed the GCD up with Alacrity, this doesn’t appear to be the case, from what I’ve read.
    In all honesty, the GCD shouldn’t be too big an issue, just spam your free attack, learn the cooldowns for each attack so you can use them strategically and deploy your companion intelligently. 

    If you’re really looking to save a little time, may I suggest turning on:
    Auto-Loot, Area-Loot and Enable Companion Comparative Tooltips.