SWTOR pre-orders: download the client now

Bioware have released a more succinct summary of what people should do if they’ve pre-ordered and want to be ready for the early game access from the 15th December.

Essentially, if you played in a beta session from 25th November onwards, you can log in via that client and it’ll patch some updates to make it launch ready. If your beta access was only prior to the 25th, then uninstall the client you have and download the new one.

The same applies if you’ve not had any beta access. As stated in the update, here’s how you download it:

In order to download the game client before Early Game Access begins, you need have already logged into your account and redeemed your Pre-Order Code. Once you have done this, you can download the game client by clicking on “My Account” in the upper-right of the window and then click “Pre-Order.” On your Pre-Order page, click the large button that says “Download Game Client” to begin download of the game!

So with emails going out on the 13th December (more likely first half of the 14th for Oceanic players), get a downloading if you want to be off the starting blocks right away.


  1. Err you guys might want to check up on the release of the boxed sets. Basically with no grace period we will be locked out of the game until Maybe January…

    • fucked overagain says

      so us australasins who were ‘forced; to buy digitally have been fucked over again. add in the server lag from over ten thousand miles away..opps my mistake thats to even up the skill imbalance, but really what surprises me that an international company like bioware cant get there shit together( or they just dont care)

  2. Yup, another massive slap in the face for OZ/NZ
    Going back on grace period announcements is disgraceful.

    My “priority international courier” Amazon purchase is currently listed as not even shipping until the 21st. Assuming this has been region adjusted to Aussie time… it still begs the question why Amazon is only shipping the day OF launch and not before.

    The estimated delivery date is 23-29Dec but reading more closely it actually says the item will only arrive AFTER the 25th. So pretty much rule out playing until January.
    Still no official release date to buy in Aussie stores… and with all the bad feeling this and other Bioware/EA decisions have made, it really puts a downer on the whole experience.

    Early access my ass.

  3. Hey guys, I’ve pre-ordered from Gamestop US. I’ve got my code from SWTOR…I played BETA 25th Nov. I’ve fully patched my game client…Does that mean I can still play early access and wait for my original CD to arrive?

  4. Just preloaded SWTOR but I now have a message saying “There is currently no acive subscription on this account. Then there a link to my account but I can’t see where I am supposed to start the subscription. I thought I would get some time with the inital purchase anyway. Anyone know whats going on?


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