SWTOR hits one million subscribers in under a week

Less than a week since launch, and SWTOR has already broken a million registered players. Bioware co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have posted a thank you note on the milestone whilst also acknowledging the queue issues on some servers.

A million subscribers is a mighty fine start, and as is stated in the post the growth is continuing. The real test as always will be in around 3 months to see if the current subscriber base is being maintained, how much growth is still occurring and how much churn in subscribers there is. All that said, it’d be hard to imagine Bioware are disappointed with the number of subscribers in such a short time.

What about you – does the number of subscribers have any impact on you beside server load?


  1. This is the first step to topple WoW

    • Keeping a player base for 6+ months is a REAL goal, not building up fast, and coming crashing down.

      I find it funny though, that EVERY mmo that is ‘decent’ to come out, their main goal (or people who like it) is to beat wow.  Why can’t one game have it’s player base, and WoW have it’s own?  Every “wow hater” seems to take offense to WoW doing better then their game of choice. 

      And every single “wow killer” to come out, shoots up in popularity in the first days/weeks/months, then comes crashing down to 1/100th of wow population in 6-12 months.

      It’s “easy” to sell a lot of copies.  It’s hard to PROVE your game is good, replayable, and KEEP people interested over long term.

      • Marshall42 says

         hey remember WoW had the largest drop off in subscriptions after the first two months.. Only to come back a year later to work towards what it is today..  And the only reason why that happened and they have 12 million subscribers.. is cause they watered down the game and made it 100 times easier to play.. wow fans need to realize this.. and other mmo fans need to realize its not going to take 1 month 3 months or even 6 months .. its going to take years to build up the player base to even been on the same plane as wow… so to compared anything to a game thats been out 7+ years to a game thats been out 3 maybe 4 months.. its not fair..