1. Get depressed.

  2. My soul is hurting atm…bloody DHL having my CE in LA for 3 days

  3. Well it’s 1 hour 21 minutes past the time and I’m still going …. will update when I get bumped. I was logged on when the time ticked over though so I will probably not be able to get in next time. Oh new tactic – not logging out til my package arrives!

  4. do you need to subscribe to keep playing

  5. I pre ordered just digital download, but now it won’t let me in. I put in all my numbers and my account say I still have 27 days but the game client is telling me that I have no active subscription. What the hell?

    • I had that as well!! Pain int he backside so I jsut subscribed. Balls up there by Bioware as you are meant to have first month free!

  6. It sucks! But with the steam sale on there will be no shortage of games for me. That said, I better get to wearing my Force FX lightsaber on my belt for a week…