Official SWTOR forums: wipe incoming

If you haven’t heard already, on the 10th December the official SWTOR forums are getting a chainsaw facelift. Allison Berryman has announced the changes, which include a new community blog.

For regular forum-goers, the biggest news is the removal of all posts / private messages to date:

The launch Forums will be a fresh start: all threads, posts, and private messages will be removed and warnings and infractions on your account will be deleted. If you have any special posts or private messages that you would like to save, please do so now! When Early Game Access begins, only those who have redeemed their Pre-Order Code will be able to post on the forums, though everyone will be able to view them. Then, when the game officially launches, only those who have active game time will be permitted to post.

As Allison herself says, if you got stuff you want to save from the forums, now would be a good time to do it. As you can see from my profile pic, I wasn’t the most prolific poster on the forums, but a compulsive lurker. Vale SWTOR Forums Mark I.

Over to you: do you like the idea of a clean restart or are you a little wistful for all the ‘history’ that’s going to be lost?


  1. There’s a lot of history there certainly. Lots of blood and angst too especially for red zoners. I remember the thread that was started when pre-ordered were first announced, and it got tens of thousands of posts in a matter of days. I think BW will be happy to hit the erase key in that respect. 😉

  2. It’s a very good idea. Especially locking out the trolls and lurkers. Get the WoW spies off the forums.

  3. It would be nice if they just archived them rather than flat-out deleting everything, as there were a lot of good threads (even if there were at least 200 times as many really shit ones).

  4. Wouldn’t want to be someone like ‘Darka’ who has nearly 30,000 posts he’s about to lose aha.

  5. I found better forums 🙂 Just needs to become a bit more active then lovely stuff 😀