Last hours of the last SWTOR beta session

In case you hadn’t heard, Bioware have announced that this weekend’s beta test marks the end of the testing program for everyone.

So for those lucky enough to have had beta access, it’ll be quite a wrench having zero access for a little over two weeks.

On the other side of the coin, it’s an expected milestone in the progression to launch. It’s also a damn good opportunity to go out, get lots of exercise and healthy food, buy the odd Christmas present if that’s your thing, and generally enjoy all the aspects of your non-SWTOR life.

Because from the 15th December onwards….

Over to you: did the beta experience have any impact on your perceptions of SWTOR, positive or otherwise? How will you fill in the time until launch?


  1. Spelling Nazi says

    *buy the odd Christmas present…

  2. Always planned to get the game, much more psyched after getting to play for a couple of days. Downside is my patience is getting put to its limits. At least I have Skyrim, Saints Row The Third and MW3 to pass the time.

  3. How come there were only 6 servers, because I had 2 different characters on different servers and they weren’t there because they weren’t the 6 servers 🙁 does anyone know why this happened?

  4. Deutscheroz says

    I was really anticipating the beta experience and I am a little disappointed… that it ended! I enjoyed giving feed back on those few things I found and the endless quiz questions that the bean counters lovingly forced us to fill out. Well, I hope that all our feedback is the Christmas give that you expected!

    I went into beta knowing full well what I would play at launch and my mind had not changed with the experience I’ve had. I decided to play all the toons that I though I would like least. And my conclusion of playing those toons was, “damn! now I wanna play THAT toon!” lol Thanks Bioware, for making my decision even harder. Psh!

    And as much as I enjoyed the Trooper and the Consular, it’s not going to stop me from being the most evil Inquisitor Darth out there! heh But if I feel like being a goodie-goodie, I know M1-4X will be waiting for me.

    To the whole team at Bioware, Lucus Arts (and those guys at EA), well done and thank you.

    To all those Repubs out there… See YOU in pvp.