Flash Point 22: Missing Ed’s Nude Shower Cam

In the week of early access there’s an enormous amount to cover, and we give it a red hot go.

This week features special guest co-host Simon, standing in for Ed who’s on a week-long road trip.

Points of discussion:
– Early access and game experience to date
– Server queues
– Grace period / Amazon orders
– Sith Warrior vs Smuggler video
– Overpowered classes in game?
– 2012 SWTOR predictions
– Oceanic launch speculation
– iTunes reviewer shout-outs
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, Google Plus page and Twitter account

Listen via iTunes or right here:


  1. Just checked the DHL website, my CE cleared customs at midnight last night and is at the delivery depot here in melbourne. Hope none of us have any downtime.