Five Predictions for SWTOR in 2012

Many days were spent seeking confirmation from fellow Jedi on these 2012 predictions

It’s that time of the year again, where we look forward to the coming year and make prognostications about all sorts of stuff.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to make some predictions for SWTOR, for two reasons.

The first is to provoke some discussion as nothing gets a bunch of people fired up than arguing over semi-educated guesses.

The second reason is to give myself something to laugh about in a year’s time when it becomes obvious how wrong I was (as an example – look at my predictions for 2010).

So here we go, enjoy some wild conjecture based on nothing but my best guesses!

Expansion 1 will be announced

This prediction’s a bit of an easy one in that I’m sure planning is already underway. It’ll probably be the second half of the year when the announcement is made, and there’ll probably be a new race. A new class seems less likely though.

The 3-million player mark will be hit in the first half of 2012

This is the biggest risk I’m taking in that the number could be well under or well over that, though I doubt it. That said I’m fairly confident this watermark will be reached by July 2012, and then it’ll be a much slower growth trajectory from then on.

Sensationalist journalism will dig its teeth in

Around February/March expect the first run of stories on people claiming SWTOR has taken over their lives / eaten their children / forced their spouse to taser them to stop playing the game.

Plans for a TOR movie will be announced

Either based on one of the novels i.e. Revan, or key story lines in the game, there’ll be at the very least hints thrown out by LucasArts or even Bioware/EA on movie plans. With or without Justin Bieber as Revan.

Australia / New Zealand launch

I have to throw in a local prediction here. The launch events will be in March in Sydney and Auckland as the respective largest cities in each country. One of the Bioware ‘Doctors’ will come for the launch, along with whichever community rep and/or developer that wins the lottery for the working holiday Down Under. There will be no flash mobs in full Star Wars kit riding kangaroos and kiwis. Well definitely no kiwis, as that’d be cruel.

The Wrap

The above five predictions are about as close I can get to thinking outside the square. As always, would love to know about your predictions for the coming year. Please post them in comments and then we can all come back next December for some reminiscences in between playing the new Wookiee Nights expansion.



  1. The tazering will be done by my Wife! 😉

  2. I really think it will hit over 5 million players by December 2012. The main reason being that this game will succeed not by how good the game is but by word of mouth like Skyrim and movies with a James Cameron name on it.

    The only people who are going to begin to complain about this game taking over there lives is women. If a women were to love us as much as we love them I’ll bet most of us won’t be playing games.

    There are 3 types of gamers.
    1.Those who are neglected
    2.Those who Single
    3.Those whose partners share the same interest(This one is rare)

  3. Really hope #1 and #3 don’t come true as you predict :S

  4. SWTOR go Free to play 2013


  6. I predict it will close by 2013.

  7. I think most of these predictions are rather safe. The game already hit the one million mark. The divs have also hinted at an expansion. The one risky pick is the movie. George Lucas does not seem to want to do another sw, movie.

    • Hi John,

      You’re right – a number of the predictions are ‘safe’ though the one million mark hadn’t been hit when I wrote that part. On the movie – I’d be surprised if Lucas directed a TOR movie but wouldn’t be too gobsmacked if he let someone else. Then again…

  8. LFG system, hopefully only same server.

  9. I would think in the second expansion like with wow’s wrath of the lk You will see a hero class. Jedi master and Sith lord. Just a thought.

    Also the 3 million mark will be hit earlier. I bet 4 million by July. More wow players will follow all the people that have already left for this game. Playing this game brings me back to how I felt about wow in vanilla times. It was an awesome game.

    As for expansion announce this year release in 2013 is always a safe bet. Question is will it be paid or free expansion like eve online does with theirs? Probably paid, dealing with the major Lucas.

  10. Beiber? Lol u crazy bro.. This is bullshit.