Imperial Agent progression video: Sniper for me!

It’s progression video time – this time it’s the Imperial agent’s turn and what a video it is. It’s obvious the SWTOR machinamatographers (is that even a word?) have gotten into a real stride with their creations. Have a look for yourself then read some commentary after the fold:

What I like most about the agent is that it’s not a class that’s ever featured heavily in Star Wars lore, meaning Bioware have been able to get pretty creative with abilities and storyline.

That said, the standout iteration for me was one of the more obvious play styles: Sniper. I now have the toon I’m going to roll on the Sith side of the equation – I’ve always preferred standing up the back raining down destruction and it doesn’t seem to get much better than the Sniper.

More on our impressions of the Agent in coming days, but what are your thoughts. Who’s going to be rolling one as their main toon?