Flash Point 20: Kylie Minogue plays the SWTOR Beta!

Ok, she doesn’t really but you’ll get the context if you listen to this episode. In the middle of the largest test weekend to date, Mark, Ed and David discuss their time with the SWTOR beta interspersed with a good quota of sarcasm and bad puns.

Points of discussion:
– Beta impressions
– Jedi Consular progression video
– CE favoured by Oceanic players
– Pulsipher as informal PvE Oceanic server
– TOROZ now has a Google Plus page
– David joins a guild
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, Google Plus page and Twitter account

Listen via iTunes or right here:


  1. I’ve been playing a Sith Warrior and have been planning to ever since I saw the sith class video. And I must say I’m really liking the story for it. I grouped with a Sith Inquister on korriban and we would go in the each others class quest and just sit back, relax and watch the difference in the classes. That main thing we talked was how my master looked like Obama and was nice to me, and how her master hated her and called her slave for to often.

  2. Jumping the gun a little with the server announce I see….. shouldn’t we wait and see what happens with guild placements? I’m not in a guild but will be waiting for a proper unofficial server announcement.