Smuggler progression update

Scoundrels and Gunslingers rejoice! The Smuggler Class Progression Video is here. This week Bioware gives us the much anticipated progression Video. The video is an excellent update, one of the better videos. It has it all from Mandalorian bounty hunters, to a fearsome Tanterek:



The video begins with the smuggler being ambushed by three enemies, all are quickly dispatched and the video zooms back to the progression screen where the Smuggler is getting an upgrade to his armor slash weaponry. The first two armors shown for the smuggler are very similar and don’t stand out as anything we haven’t seen before.

The Scoundrel is the first Advanced Class shown; the first set of armor is very similar to the first two, with the addition of a small shoulder guard. This Scoundrel doesn’t need fancy clothes or armor to dispatch a few Mandalorian bounty hunters. The first bounty hunter is hit with an unknown ability that looks like some kind of stun, then punched in the face.  The bounty hunters friends are also quickly dispatched with full auto firing of the Scoundrel’s blasters. As the bounty hunters lay dead at his feet a Sith Inquisitor joins the fight.  The Scoundrel makes even quicker work of him with a single blast from his scatter gun ability.

The second set of Scoundrel armor we get to see is very different from the first sets. The armor looks like what Lando would wear to Hoth, it has a winter/secrecy look to it, by far the coolest of the Scoundrel armor.  The last part of the Scoundrel’s progression shows some very interesting abilities, group stealth, personal stealth, and an in-combat revive all used very effectively by this Scoundrel.

The first set of Gunslinger armor looks a lot like the first three shown in the video, with an addition of a collar that looks like a flotation device. This Gunslinger also shows off a class buff ability that has been improved upon. This part of the video looks to be on Nar Shaddaa, where some Black Sun mercenaries are hassling the Gunslinger who calls in a Wookie for back up, then burns down the rest with blaster fire.

The final set of armor shown in this progression video looks very much like Cad Bane’s armor from “The Clone Wars” the animated series. Some people hate it, but I really like the whole “Space Cowboy” look. In the final segment of the Progression video the Gunslinger pulls no punches, after dispatching two large mechs the Gunslinger pursues a fleeing foe, who is actually leading the Gunslinger in to an ambush. With the trap sprung, the Gunslinger retreats, locking himself in a large room. A Sith Warrior uses his lightsaber to free the door, only to find the Gunslinger waiting for his personal mob to get close. The Gunslinger deploys his advanced personal shield then proceeds to lay waste to the angry mob.

As always may the Force be with you!