Flash Point 16: 86 days to launch – the live podcast

It doesn’t get much bigger than this – about a quarter of the way into the podcast the ever-observative Ed saw the announcement pop up on the SWTOR site. So we’ve ended up with a CNN-style live on the spot coverage of the announcement. Well, not really but as you’ll hear it certainly changed the course of the podcast!

Points of discussion:
– PvP details
– ESRB rating for SWTOR
– the release date announcement
– Guild alignment
– Companion characters
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, and Twitter account.

Listen via iTunes or right here:


  1. The 463k number is North American retail only, it doesn’t include Europe or Digital US orders.

    • So the numbers I had may have been accurate. I STILL can’t find where I stashed that link though… 🙁

  2. Just a thought guys. Are you running Origin on your computers? If you have your EA linked with your SW:TOR account and have already put your pre-order code into the SW:TOR website you should be able to download the US/EU client (depending on where you purchased it) when Early Access starts (I think) 😀

  3. got here from corellianrun.com based on them liking your cast. They’re of course right this is a great podcast. Thanks guys!