Flash Point 15: Do Droids Have Balls?

We’re back with a deep and meaningful discussion on smugglers, beta weekends, droid groins, the Blu-Ray release of the six Star Wars movies and a hell of a lot more!

Points of discussion:

– Smuggler update
– Beta weekends and handling of this weekend’s ‘cancellation’
– The origin of TOROZ and finding Ed and Mark for the podcasts (a request from Ax on the forums)
– PvP servers: should you be able to play both factions (a request from Antispiral on the forums)
– Bioware recycling information for Friday updates (a request from Scottyy on the forums)
– Blu-Ray release of the six Star Wars movies
Robots and camel-riding!
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, and Twitter account.

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