Flash Point 14: Synthweaving My Jockstrap Before Huttball

It’s been a busy news week so there’s no shortage of stuff to dissect. We also manage to work in some Mario Kart, Rollerball and Luke Skywalker’s inappropriate erections!

Points of discussion:

– Huttball PvP
– Eternity Vault Operation
– Crew Skills update on SWTOR website (link)
– Guild testing program and a plug for our Oceanic Guild Listing
– First guild blacklisting
– Pre-order copy limits
– Bioware too heavy handed in SWTOR forum moderation?
– Star Wars Books: we pick our faves
Cool Star Wars T-Shirts from New Zealand with a 10% discount for TOROZ readers / listeners (check the link for the code you’ll need to use)
– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, and Twitter account.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about MarioKart guys – I’ve now gone and dusted off my old SNES and am carving it up!

    One point on Huttball – I don’t think you can team up with members of the opposite faction. There’s a thread on TOR forums stating its Rep vs Rep, Imp vs Imp, or Rep vs Imp. Still, it should make for less waiting in queues 😉