Diplomatic shenanigans: Esseles Flashpoint

This week’s update from Bioware is the release of a video from Comic-Con titled The Esseles Developer Walkthrough:

The Esseles, a Republic transport that carries some of the most high-profiled members of the Galactic Senate across the galaxy, has come under siege from the opportunistic Grand Moff Kilran. Dallas Dickinson guides you along as a group of Republic heroes must band together to repel the Imperial boarding parties and retake their ship in this Developer Walkthrough.     – Bioware

The walkthrough begins with Dallas Dickinson explaining the situation on The Esseles – it’s the lowest level flashpoint being “around level nine” so you’ll be entering this Flashpoint as you leave your starting planet. The Flashpoint starts when the group discovers the dead Captain laying on the floor  and a panicking first officer looking for a solution. The party is then contacted by Grand Moff Kilran hailing the ship to announce that his forces will be boarding to capture a Republic ambassador.

The party heads to the cargo bay to reinforce the ships crew and repel an invading force of droids and Mandalorian mercenaries. After the battle the ambassador shows herself announcing that the attack the party just repelled was a rouse. The real threat is a Mandalorian named Ironfist who along with his bodyguards have secured the bridge and taken the crew hostage.

The party fights its way to the engineering deck where it’s faced with a lightside/darkside option for opening the bridge lockdown. The lightside is to destroy conduits that are spread across the engineering deck to override the lockdown status. The darkside option is to reset the system, opening the air locks, killing the engineers. The party chooses the darkside option and moves onto the bridge. Ironfist greets them as any villain should, then the fight begins.

Ironfist jet packs to the smuggler delivering a brutal uppercut. The smuggler breaks the engagement and heads for cover killing a bodyguard on his way. The trooper begins pulling the attenetion of Ironfist like any tank should, so the others can focus on killing the boss. Ironfist uses a blastback move where he vents his jet pack knocking the players to the ground, a pretty good CC move for a boss. The Trooper uses a cryonade and freezes Ironfist allowing the team to dispatch him with ease.

Be sure to check out the full video of  The Essles Developer Walkthrough here on Star Wars: The Old Republics official site.

What are your thoughts? Does this Flashpoint look fun to you?


  1. Does anyone know if when you redo a flashpoint, can you change your personal story line with a different lightside/darkside response?

  2. How come none of the officers have any discernable ranks?

  3. That was draw droppingly bad. Jedi launching their own people into the void in the name of expediency? That HILARIOUSLY bad clapping animation for the Bounty Hunter boss? And I fail to see the ‘heroic’ combat they harp on about. It was all them mopping the floor with small groups of static mobs or them dog piling the BH who.. just stood there and pew pew’d at someone with his laaaaaser gun.

    The only way to make these a challenge will be to run them solo, with your companion. Then there might be some risk involved.

    • I think people are missing the point, this is a lvl 9ish flashpoint, its the first instance that we know about that you will come across once you leave your home planet, the objective is to teach players about group mechanics and flashpoint mechanics, i dont know anyone that found RFC in WoW a challange.

      However, i do agree that its a pretty big call to have republic “Heros” jetison innocent crew members for the sake of saving time, i mean i could understand the moral dilema if both options end up in a loss of life ie; if you disaple the power couplings (what ever they called them) around the ship then you will disable life support systems to the civilain compartments, now thats a tough diecision.

      well anyway i trust bioware knows how to tell a good story and i’m also rollign a BH so atleast i can be justifed in jetisoning people to save time, not that they would give the imperials the same story lol

      • While I personally VEHEMENTLY disagree with the choice that the group made, to cast the engineering team into space to cancel the lock down, it IS realistic.

        I am a WWII historian by trade, and I have lost count of the number of things like this that I have read about, on ALL sides. Battle of Miday, where the Yorktown was hit. Sinking of the Bismark, Repulse after taking multiple hits from the Bismark, Battle of Letye Gulf -Last Stand of the Tin-Can Sailors… The list goes on and on.

        Actually, the best scene in a sci-fi show about that kind of thing was from the new Battlestar Galactica, the pilot mini-series. Galactica is hit, bad. Fires are spreading, heading for the munitions bunker. If the ammo bunker catches fire, the ship goes boom and everybody dies. Choices-

        (1) Try and fight the fire. Problem- It’s big, out of control and moving fast.
        (2) Vent the area to space. Problem- trapped crew with no life support.

        You have, at most, a minute to choose. What do you choose?

        I would NOT have chosen what they did in the walkthrough, but…I do understand. God help me if I ever DO have to choose something like that.I don’t think I could…

        Was it right? No. Was it the right choice? I don’t know.

        THAT is what I am looking for in Bioware games. HARD choices, choices that make you go WTF?