Oh me, oh my… At E3… Return…!

And you thought YOUR day was bad...?

We knew they were going to do something big this E3. They had to. After all the hype, after all the teasers, after all the releases of class information, both really cool CGI trailers… They had to come up with something. So what did they do? They gave us the intro cinematic for the game. It’s called ‘Return’.


Wait a sec… Whoa…

Isn’t that…? um… Kind of something that you do last or near the end of the game making cycle? You really nee dot have the game pretty much done before you make the cinematics, right? Or am I completely off base?  Now I am not saying, because they are not saying, when the game will be released. But from everything I have heard, read or seen, this game looks ready to go. There are probably logistical issues, maybe some polishing that they want to do. But the gameplay that they showed at the fan summit was incredible. Maybe they are going to give out release information during E3? The gameplay trailer that came out at the same time as ‘Return’ was to drool over. A release date? Maybe? Pretty please with Correllian black sugar on top?

Calm… Must remain calm…

Anyway… This trailer is just as incredible as the previous two. All three are chronological. Malgus shows up in this one, as do the Jedi and Trooper commander from the ‘Hope’ Trailer. We even hear her name, and it actually IS Satele Shan. I won’t ruin the rest of it it for people who haven’t seen it yet, listen for it:


This is the opening cinematic for the game. The Sith return in force to take Korriban back from the Republic, reigniting the war between light and darkness. We see troopers being troopers, we see a gunslinger striding into enemy fire, dodging and moving while firing and every time he shoots, Sith troops die. We see the trooper from the ‘Hope’ Trailer blasting away with a really big gun. (BFGs forever!) We see a Zabrak Jedi master fighting with a single bladed lightsaber in one hand and a double bladed one in the other! Wow… We see space combat, turret combat and the smuggler ship flying through the superstructure of a Sith battleship to escape. We see a Sith Pureblood who was Malgus’ master until Malgus kills him. Was that Naga Sadow? I don’t think so. Many people think Naga Sadow is the Sith Emperor. We shall see, I am sure.

This trailer follows in big footsteps. First with ‘Deceived’, and then with ‘Hope’, Blur, Bioware and Lucasarts gave us an incredible appetite for something new and incredible Star Wars related. But ‘Return’ seems to fill those boots nicely.

Now if only they would give us a release date…


  1. Epic! 🙂

    Just about to check out the new raid vid.. err.. Operations video 😛

    After watching that and the discussion in the last Flash Point regarding making new movies I’m leaning towards a full on CGI movie with those graphics!