Flash Point 9: Jawa Fury and a Kick in the ‘nads

With E3 in the recent past and release delay rumour running rampant on the SWTOR forums, there’s been no shortage of things to talk about for Episode 9.

Points of discussion:

– Return trailer (including insurance in the Star Wars era and a debate on turret gunfire as a throwback to WWII!)

– Eternity Vault Operation (including KOTOR and David’s gobsmacking lack of experience with previous Star Wars games)

– Tatooine Walkthrough

– Rumours of a delay in SWTOR’s release for Oceanic players

– Shout outs for our forums, Facebook page, Oceanic Guild listing, and Twitter account.

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  1. Good podcast. I confess this is the first time I’ve heard it because I didn’t even know Toroz existed prior to the whole delay rumor scandal. Great to have an Aussie fansite. Look forward to some answers on the delay issue! Keep up the good work.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I’m not sure answers are going to be forthcoming too quickly but you never know.

  2. I know this is 12 days old, but I just have to say, yeah David, you don’t care about the whole latency issue, that’s great (j/k), but for people who actually care a tiny bit more about PvP, making decisions half a second faster, and in general having a much funner, smoother experience, screw you. Australia in general just isn’t passionate enough. Happy at a lower level just ’cause we’re used to being a 9th thought.

    Liking the show : ) just thought I’d share my opinion on such a touchy subject.